Excellent accessibility to major roads and highways

Amber Cove adorns the shore between historic Malacca city and the shimmering expanse of the Malacca Straits.

Rejoice in the vibrancy of city living and the fragrant sea breezes from tranquil bays.

At Amber Cove, you will enjoy a private enclave.

Our coveted location comes with all the joys of city living, yet it is suffused with the romance of the sea. Sited within Impression City, Amber Cove is set to flourish along with this visionary development.

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Nama Pemaju: YTB Impression Sdn Bhd (1153093-V). Alamat Pemaju: Level 6-3, Tower B, Jaya 99, 99 Jalan Tun Sri Lanang, 75100 Melaka. No. Tel. Pemaju: 06-2277 555. Nombor Lesen Pemaju: 14700-1/04-2019/0303(L) Tempoh Sahlaku: 28/4/2017 hingga 27/4/2019. Nombor Permit Iklan & Jualan: 14700-1/04-2019/0303(P)Tempoh Sahlaku: 28/4/2017 hingga 27/4/2019. Pegangan Tanah: Pajakan 99 (Tarikh Tamat Tempoh Pajakan: 18 Januari 2116). Bebanan Tanah: Affin Bank Berhad. Tarikh Dijangka Siap: April 2020. PBT yang Meluluskan Pelan Bangunan: Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah. Nombor Rujukan.: MBMB/JKB.03027/09/2016(17). Jenis AC-A (710k.p – 570 Unit), Harga Min/Mak: RM460,000.00. Type AC-B (710k.p – 120 Unit), Harga Min/Mak: RM460,000.00. Type AC-C (710k.p – 120 Unit), Harga Min/Mak: RM460,000.00. Type AC-D (732k.p – 28 Unit), Harga Min/Mak: RM475,000.00.